Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Street photography

street scene with txillida (Flexaret VI, Kodak T-MAX 100, EI 100/22°)

This picture is the reason why I decided taking a new challenge: doing more street photography.

We humans are social, gregarious beings. As such we have tended to be in small groups since the beginning of our long evolutionary journey as a distinct species. At first these groups were pretty small, but as we progressed and invented agriculture, the first surplus food was available and trade was born. We then realized that trade works better if the number of people in a group is increased: this marks the rise of cities.

But we still are social and we still look for our primeval small group and, living in a city, we need the interaction with others in order to live our lives. And, of course, the center of this human interaction is the street. People go shopping, meet with friends and family, go for a walk, go to eat, go to the market, or just wander around with no definite goal. All these happen in the street.

in the tunnel (Flexaret VI, Kodak Tri-X 400, EI 400/27°)

My challenge is to take a camera out to the street and try and make street photography, photos that convey this wandering, this pulsating life that you can find in the streets.

street (Retinette IA, Fuji Neopan 400, EI 400/27°)

Pictures in which the photographer loses all the prominence, pictures of the everyday life, of the everyday hustle and bustle of the city.

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