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Almost everything I know about photography I learned in a self-taught way. Being curious of nature and having the chance to plug into the massive knowledge database that is the internet today, I have had access to an amount of information about photography that would have been unthinkable only 30 years ago.

After much thought about the way I learn, about the way I tackle photographic topics, I realized that it usually takes the form of a challenge: to use a new lens, to take photographs in low light, to use the manual exposure mode, to use tiny apertures, to return to film, ... These (photo) challenges that I set to myself are what keeps me going, what lets me grow, learning and enjoying more and more this wonderful hobby that is photography.

I decided to document my personal (photo) challenges and my progress on them, sharing what I learn and asking for advice whenever I need it.

I'd be very glad if you would come along with me... :)

PS: In spite of the title, I am not going to challenge myself on a daily basis! My challenges will be more of a long-term thing...

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