Thursday, March 3, 2011

The 99 strangers challenge [stranger 1/99]

im zug [stranger 1/99]
(Flexaret VI, Ilford HP5 Plus 400, EI 400/27°)

The idea is very simple: take 99 pictures of 99 strangers.

This is the challenge that I chose to present first in my blog. One of the other challenges I am starting to face these days, shooting more street photography, has much in common with my friend A's new idea for a flickr group, 99 strangers, so she kindly invited me to share the group administration with her.

One first approach is to take candid shots, where your victimsmodels are not supposed to notice you taking their photograph. On my way to the 99th stranger I will try to bring the challenge to another level, though. I plan on approaching strangers on the street, tell them about the project and ask them if I can take their pictures. This is more the spirit of the original 100 strangers flickr group. I hope that this will help me explore and learn ways to establish a communication between photographer and model, and maybe I manage getting a little bit rid of my shyness as well.

This is my first stranger, 1/99. On our way to Vienna this gentleman fell asleep right in front of me and my camera... I wasn't able to resist the temptation.


  1. Hola! La segunda aproximación al tema es muy interesante. Sin duda, cuando posamos, decimos muchas cosas con lo que pretendemos ocultar. Yo que tú, en cualquier caso, me prepararía unas tarjeticas con el link, para dar seguridad al tema y que se vean.

  2. Paco, sí, a mí también me parece muy interesante la idea, aunque he de confesar que tengo el canguelo puesto... :S
    Lo de las tarjetitas ya me lo había propuesto Marona y lo voy a hacer, para que la gente no me tome por tan pirao :D A ver cómo de madura está la sociedad salzburguesa para ello... ;)

  3. BUf... això ja és el salt sense xarxa, Toni, què valent...
    Unas tarjeticas seguro que irán bien, sí.
    (yo no sé si me voy a atrever... :-/)

  4. Light, bueno, de moment encara no he tingut gaire èxit, però ho vull intentar, sí. Penso que entre les targetetes i la pinta divertida de la Flexaret potser ho tindré una mica més fàcil que em diguin que sí? ;)

  5. I would be so scared to take picture of random person ! Well done. Nice collection of photos as well ;)

    1. Arek, thanks and sorry for the late reply! :)