Monday, March 21, 2011

Tabletop photography

One of my (photographic) pastimes these days is what I call tabletop photography. Here's how it works.

You sit in a bar or a café and, tired of carrying your camera around, you let it rest casually on the table. You look around, looking for a suitable scene or subject --for sure there is something interesting going on!

café wernbacher
(Kodak Retinette IA, Kodak Farbwelt 200 (expired 2008), ISO 200/24°)

You set exposure and focus distance and aim your camera to the scene trying to figure a beautiful composition. Looking through the viewfinder is not always easy, you have to be prepared for a certain random component.

Most important of all, you set the self-timer at the maximum setting and then shoot! You look distracted, ...bzzzzz...., take a sip of your tea or coffee, ...bzzzzz...., look somewhere else, ...bzzzzz...., do something else until you hear a!

at the bar (twin tabletop shots, #2, 6x6-120) (+1)
(Flexaret VI, Fujicolor Pro 160C, ISO 160/23°)

As the picture has been already taken, you ignore your camera for a while, acting cool. If you enjoyed it, start looking around for another interesting subject. Then, prepare for the next tabletop shot...

Caution!, tabletop photography can be very addictive! ;)

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