Friday, September 23, 2011

Reading [stranger 14/99]

reading [stranger 14/99]
(Ideal 250/3, Ilford Pan F Plus 50, ISO 50/18°)

My fourteenth stranger kept reading as if she hadn't noticed the crazy guy that needed more than one minute to take her picture: unfold the camera, set shutter to T and open it, open the ground glass cover, try to focus in the bright sun (didn't get it too well :-/), close the shutter, set shutter speed and aperture, take down the ground glass, snap the roll film back in place, cock the shutter, remove the dark slide from the roll film back and use it to make shadow for the lens, release the shutter, place the dark slide again, remove the roll film back and advance the film until the next frame number appears in the red window, snap the ground glass back into place, fold the camera, and you're done!

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