Monday, March 16, 2015

Series - storefronts

One of the first things that met my eye after moving to Vienna was the rich and interesting amount of typefaces, signs and lettering of its various shops. In fact, I already posted a weekly series about them. Of course, after that I kept finding and photographing lots of interesting signs. This weekly series is about several storefronts in Vienna.

I decided to post this new series because I wanted to tell you about the wonderful photographic project that two friends of mine (Martin and Philipp) are undertaking: Wiener Geschäfte mit Geschichte, a huge compilation of storefronts, captured on pictures forever. They recently reached their 100th storefront.

Life keeps going at an ever accelerating pace, and for me it is very important to stop, take a breath and look at the sides of the road, because the most interesting things tend to happen there, on the invisible background. For this reason I think such projects like Philipp and Martin's are important.

Hope you enjoy Wiener Geschäfte mit Geschichte and my weekly series! :)

(Exakta Varex IIa, Fujichrome Velvia 50, expired, ISO 50/18°)

(Contaflex IV, Solution Super VX 200, expired, ISO 200/24°)

(Kiev 4, Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color 100, ISO 100/21°)

(Contaflex IV, Solution Super VX 200, expired, ISO 200/24°)

(Bergheil 6.5x9, Ilford HP4, expired 1980, ISO 400/27°)

(Rolleicord I, Kodak Portra 160 VC, expired, ISO 160/23°)

glaserei spiegel
(Contaflex IV, Solution Super VX 200, expired, ISO 200/24°)

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