Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Series - b&w week march 2014

And yet another black&white week on flickr with the usual suspects and a couple new contributors. The b&w week is starting to be a solid tradition, and participating on film is, for me, a very exciting challenge. This time, for the first time, a home developed picture made it into the selection.

our window
(Uniflex II, Kodak T-MAX 400, ISO 400/27°)

baby carrier reflection
(Contessa 533/24, Kodak T-MAX P3200, EI 3200/36°)

crooked view
(Icarette 6x6, Kodak T-MAX 400, ISO 400/27°)

dark rolleicord
(Rollfilm 5x8, Efke 100, ISO 100/21°, home development)

natural flare
(Vitomatic Ia, Agfaphoto APX 100, ISO 100/21°)

(Vito I, Ilford Pan F Plus 50, ISO 50/18°)

akh (08/52)
(Kiev 4, Rollei Retro 100, expired, ISO 100/21°)

Take a look at all contributions in this flickr group.

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