Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter 127 Day 2012

Today, January 27th, is the Winter 127 Day (1/27). To celebrate it, users of cameras taking the 127 film format around the world go out and take pictures on this type of film. This year, 2012, marks also the centenary of the introduction of 127 film (created by Kodak in 1912). Even though 127 film saw a golden age around the 50s, nowadays only a handful of manufacturers (Efke, Maco, ...) still produce it.

voigtländer rollfilm 5x8 sportkamera
(EOS 40D, Sigma EX DG 50mm f/2.8 macro, 5s, f/5.6, ISO 100)

My Voigtländer Rollfilm 5x8 camera was designed to use 129 film, which was also introduced by Kodak in 1912 but discontinued in 1951. 129 film being only slightly wider than 127, my camera was adapted to take 127 film instead: metal spacers were added to account for the narrower spools and a 4x6.5cm mask was added to the original 5x8cm format.

I love the fact that someone cared so much about this camera to have it professionally adapted to 127 film, even though at the time the camera was already more than 20 years old. This alone, without counting that wonderful Heliar lens, makes me love this camera even more.

Happy Winter 127 Day everyone! :)

EDITED: Here is the link to my Winter 127 Day 2012 set on flickr!

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