Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time machine - Carrying the Vito

«However elegant it may be to carry the camera on a long strap hanging from the shoulder, this position is quite unsuitable for quick action. Many a good shot has been lost in this way. A better method is to carry the Vito on a strap around the neck, so that it lies on the chest. Opening the front and lifting the camera up to the eye is then a matter of a split second.»

(from the instruction manual of a 1940 Voigtländer Vito camera)


  1. "However elegant it may be..." !Qué bonito! So british... :-)

  2. Paco, ya te digo, los manuales de instrucciones de las cámaras antiguas están llenos de frases de este estilo... enternecedores :)